Pan-Commonwealth Forum

9-12 September 2019

Edinburgh, Scotland

Call for Papers

Proposals are invited from academics, researchers, technology innovators, development practitioners, COL stakeholders and partner institutions to submit proposals for presentations within the scope of the theme and sub-themes of PCF9. The Forum will have the following types of sessions:

  • Paper Presentation: These are research papers, case studies, etc., from the participants that will be presented in parallel sessions. Presenters are encouraged to include interaction with participants during their presentations and one of the criteria for assessing abstracts will be the proposed plan to achieve interaction.
  • Poster Presentation: There will be one Poster session, where all the Forum posters will be displayed.
  • Workshop: This is a typical 3-hour session, where a presenter demonstrates the findings of a key research project or guides the participants to develop certain skills in a step-by-step manner. This would be a participant-proposed session and will be decided based on the relevance of the proposal to the Forum theme and sub-themes.
  • Panel Discussion: This is a session of typically up to 90 minutes, where 3-4 presenters are identified as key participants and a moderator facilitates discussions. Proposals are submitted by the participants, and they identify the discussants. Normally, these are sessions where a conference partner and/or the proposer takes full responsibility.
  • Marketplace: This is a place for one-to-one conversation with Forum participants, where you can demonstrate and talk about your technology, OER or innovative services and practices.

Guidelines for Submission of Proposal

The Programme Committee of PCF9 invites you to submit your abstract/proposal for the Forum as early as possible. The last date for submission of abstract/proposal is April 30, 2019. Abstracts/proposals should be written concisely and clearly (in English, the official language of the event) and in not more than 300 words. Interested individuals can submit more than one abstract/proposal. Abstracts/proposals are to be submitted online.

Please read and follow the instructions below before submitting your abstract/proposal.

Before Submission

Please ensure that you have carefully reviewed the theme and sub-theme descriptions and submit your abstract/proposal for only one sub-theme. You will be asked to indicate your chosen sub-theme at the abstract submission stage. The abstract/proposal must convey the importance and relevance of the topic to the Forum theme and sub-theme. Some indicative topics covered in different sub-themes are in the table below:

Sub-Themes/ Strands

1.     Innovation

2. Quality

3. Lifelong Learning

A.    Opening Up Education

A1. Frameworks for open education; credit transfer mechanisms; innovations in pedagogical practices

A2. Quality in: flexible learning, MOOCs, OER, online learning; accreditation of programmes

A3. Learning pathways for working people; social learning; self-determined learning; policy frameworks for lifelong learning, learning for ageing population (people over 50 years)

B.    Equity and Inclusion

B1. Policy interventions; alternative learning pathways; teacher training programmes; programmes for educating girls

B2. Quality in: courses and programmes addressing equity and inclusion; learning materials supporting people with disabilities

B3. Second chance education; programmes for the disadvantaged and the elderly; financial implications

C.    Employability

C1. Collaboration and partnership to improve employability; innovative programmes for youth employability

C2. Employers’ perspectives of quality; quality service models in education; measuring learning effectiveness

C3. Workplace learning; self-learning; recognition of prior learning frameworks

D.    Technology

D1. Uses of: Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR/MR, Blockchain, mobile learning, technologies for low bandwidth areas, offline technologies, etc.

D2. Quality assurance of MOOCs; Use of learning analytics to improve student progress and success

D3. MOOCs; digital education skills; ICT competency frameworks; Future proofing education


Criteria for Abstracts/Proposals Selection

Abstracts/Proposals submitted shall be peer-reviewed and selected based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the sub-theme
  • Clarity of the overview of the paper
  • Explanation of the methodology used (or proposed to be used)
  • Process of engagement during presentation
  • Significance of the paper
  • Clear, unambiguous and written in acceptable standard

In cases of multiple entries of the same abstract/paper submission, the latest entry will be considered. All previous entries will be deleted without notification.


Submission Process

We are using EasyChair conference management system for receiving abstracts and papers for the PCF9. Kindly note that the Forum registration and payment process is a different system, and EasyChair is used only for submission, review and acceptance of the abstracts/papers.


Steps to Submit Abstracts/Proposals

1. To start the submission process, CLICK HERE.

2. You will be asked to log in to EasyChair. If you already have an EasyChair account, kindly follow the instructions or click create an account on the EasyChair platform.

3. Once you have followed the steps and created the account, verified your email and logged in, you will find the link to ‘enter as an author’. Kindly follow the instructions to submit your proposal.

Note: Before submitting the proposal, you are advised to have the following ready:

1) Decide the sub-theme/track of the Forum to which you plan to submit.

2) Decide the specific strand for your submission.

3) Keep the abstract ready. Remember, the word length is 300 words.

4) Keep at least 3 keywords ready.

5) If you are not affiliated with any organisation, kindly add “INDIVIDUAL” when completing the submission process.



• Submission of Abstracts/Proposals: April 30, 2019

• Notification of Acceptance: May 30, 2019

Click here to start the submission process for abstracts / proposals


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