Body Rafting in Gole Alcantara

If you love nature and adventure, you must try Body Rafting Gole Alcantara. You can also enjoy a relaxing hike in the Alcantara Eco-Park. During the trip, you can see the unique ecosystem of this natural park. The canyon is a great place to take photos and have fun, and you can even go for a little body rafting as a bonus!

You Can Even Go For A Little Body Rafting As A Bonus!

The water in the Alcantara gorges is crystal clear and ideal for Body Rafting. You will need a wetsuit and safety equipment to participate. The rafting experience begins by going upstream, against the water-carved canyon. You will then be able to skip natural obstacles such as lava walls, small waterfalls, and climbing over a lava wall. Your adrenaline will be your constant companion, as you go upstream.

The body rafting trip in Gole Alcantara offers a tremendous adrenaline rush. The eight-kilometer river trek takes about two hours, and you will get to experience a short canyoning tour. You will also get to experience lava walls that are up to thirty meters high. This exciting activity is great for families, and is ideal for people of all ages. While it can be a challenging activity, it is safe and suitable for beginners.

The Alcantara Gorges are an incredible geological wonder located in eastern Sicily. Body rafting will provide you with an opportunity to explore the gorges from a new perspective. As the canyon becomes more difficult, so does the trail. However, this hike is not for the faint of heart and requires a minimum level of physical fitness. Just be sure to bring your sense of adventure and a camera for the perfect picture.