Using Connective Tissue As an Anti-Wrinkle Cream

connective tissue as an antiwrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle creams work by increasing the water content in the skin, temporarily improving its appearance. In a similar manner, consumers can imagine water pumping into a raisin. The result is a firmer grape. The same holds true for facial lines. Dehydrated skin is prone to highlighting these imperfections. Therefore, creams with ingredients like hyaluronic acid are a popular choice for skin care products. Click here – connettivina come crema antirughe

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The deterioration of connective tissue affects the entire body and can cause numerous diseases and conditions. As a result, research has been conducted to uncover the mechanisms that cause connective tissue damage and disease. In this article, we will briefly review some of the mechanisms involved in connective tissue damage. These include age, genetics, aging, and environmental factors. The effects of these factors vary from person to person, but we can assume a general picture of their causes and their effects.

In the dermis, elastic fibres are composed of an elastin core and a microfibrillar scaffold composed of the glycoprotein fibrillin-1. Elastic fibres give skin elasticity and support, and their formation is tightly regulated during development. Tropoelastin, a type of elastin, is deposited on fibrillin-rich microfibrils first. The structure of the dermis depends on the level of extracellular proteinases, which cleave these fibres.