The Benefits of Stand Up Desks

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stand up desks

Studies have shown that sitting for too long can contribute to depression and other mental health issues. Studies conducted on the Take-a-Stand Project have shown that standing during the workday can improve a person’s mood and energy levels. These effects will persist for as long as the stand up desks remain in place, although they may diminish after two weeks. However, the benefits of standing have been recognized for years by society. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Michael Roizen compared the effect of a stand up desk on twenty-four office workers. Participants of the study were asked about their thoughts, feelings, and health after using the stand up desk.

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It may be a bit challenging to make the transition from a traditional sitting to standing desk, but the rewards of standing for hours each day are significant. Incorporating a stand up desk will help you to get more exercise and to build posture habits in your employees. You can also make moving around easier by installing a stand up desk. It’s important to note, however, that your employees may not be ready to switch from sitting to standing at once.

If you’re looking for a new way to work, consider a stand up desk. It may not sound exciting, but standing at work has many advantages. For one thing, you’ll burn more calories in an hour than you would sitting down. Also, standing for a few hours a day can reduce pain levels and reduce the risk of blood clots. Plus, it can help you feel more energetic, improve blood flow, and improve your breathing.

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